Bausparer sichert & garantiert im voraus die Abzahlung "Ihres Bankkredites"
Eine Sicherheit für beide Seiten des Kredites und für Sie die Garantie der Abzahlung & niedrigen Monatsrate


Bausparer Product/Double use of investment capital
How does it work, how you get the „ DOUBLE USE OF THE INVESTMENT CAPITAL“
Bausparer License - How does it work.pdf (368.71KB)
Bausparer Product/Double use of investment capital
How does it work, how you get the „ DOUBLE USE OF THE INVESTMENT CAPITAL“
Bausparer License - How does it work.pdf (368.71KB)

Bausparer is OFFICIALLY authorized Worldwide and OFFICIALLY with SWISS Bank-guarantee & State-guarantee

We are permitted  and Bausparer is 2 x times reviewed from the authorities to be safe and secure. 

You are not investing in us, you are using our License.

We are now the only one who has this guarantee – it is now OFFICIALLY

Bank-guarantee from Swiss Bank and the Swiss State-guarantee for our Bausparer-Products explained to the BaFin - Federal Financial Supervisory Authority of Germany and this will be now monitored/controlled from the BaFin(German Government) and Swiss Bank and Swiss Government.

Depending on the product even for the interest payments. 

 safest investment with Bank-guarantee & State-guarantee and 10% interestrate per year or more

The investment is secured with a Bank guarantee>>the Bank guarantee is secured from the Bank>>the Bank is secured with a State guarantee for investments in any volume of the investment.     Video over the bank guarantee - have a look

Bausparer is a new Fin Tech/Wealth Tech business with a new finance-innovation, “

 “eliminate the risk in the investment area for the investment and the profit”.  

Bausparer 10% is specially designed for US - customer and according the US authorities & Law.

BAUSPARER  holds licenses on intellectual property. You will benefit with your investment with a 10% per Year  interest rate and no additional costs from us.

“Customers get a certificate, with a license for his investment-amount to be entitled to gain 10% each year as guaranteed profit - paid out in advance after 6 month.

You get the advantage to benefit from the intellectual property, with the license for the investing amount in return with secure interest rate up to 10% each year.

Legal investment according to US authorities

The License is protected and promoted:

United States Article:

Article I, Section 8, Clause 8, of the United States Constitution grants Congress the enumerated power "To promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries."  

 Bausparer products are based on assets licenses from Trademark and Copyright. Any Patent and Trademark Office promotes investment in innovation most innovative and exciting global businesses. This license permits any investor around the world to invest in our Products, without any trouble in his country from federal agencies and relevant bureaus.


Bausparer is protected from the Deutsche Patent- und Markenamt (DPMA)/German Patent and Trade Mark Office around the world.

Bausparer /Wotan Finanzen Unternehmensgesellschaft hold several licenses.

Our products are based on assets licenses.

The Bausparer certificate is a granted atypically designed sales contract.

Our company is approved and licensed to trade with all instruments of financial market, financial instruments and licenses from the Registry Court in Munich. 

Bausparer / Wotan Finanzen Unternehmensgesellschaft (haftungsbeschränkt), Postfach 1221, Lagerstraße 76, 82178 Puchheim, Germany. Email:

CEO/Geschäftsführer: Roman Buga |HandelsregisterNr/commercial register: HRB 223914 Approved from the Registry Court in Munich.

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