Bausparer sichert & garantiert im voraus die Abzahlung "Ihres Bankkredites"
Eine Sicherheit für beide Seiten des Kredites und für Sie die Garantie der Abzahlung & niedrigen Monatsrate

Bausparer Certificate

The certificate will be issued on the product of the Bausparer.

You are not investing in us, you are using our License.

We have different products with different needs. So each certificate will we issued on the product what you choose.

On the front is the Product and on the back the General terms and conditions.

You get with your application, before you invest a PDF certificate with all condition in front on the email.

It will be not all Numbers on it,  so nobody can copy the certificate. You get the original certificate with the postage. Here will be the complete Certificate number on it. With this certifcate your money is in a deposit insurance placed and depending on the Bausparer Product you get after 6 Month a Bankguarantee send to your home, from the Bank. This means, you can now get your investment back any time, you send this Bankguarantee back to the Bank and you are saying you will your investment back. The Bank will immediately send your investment back to your account.