Bausparer sichert & garantiert im voraus die Abzahlung "Ihres Bankkredites"
Eine Sicherheit für beide Seiten des Kredites und für Sie die Garantie der Abzahlung & niedrigen Monatsrate

General terms and conditions <GTC> 

Bausparer Products are Licenses: You are not investing in us, you are using our Licenses. 

The information send over the contact form is safe, as far the provider says.

The Information send to us, will be every 7 days deleted, besides it comes to a contract.

No risk for the Investment + deposit insurance on the investment at any high.

The DEPOSITS to the Bausparer are safe. They will be placed in time invervals in special accounts with a deposit insurance in any amount of the deposit. 

Some Bausparer-products get a Bankgurantee, this means you get from the Bank a guarantee over your investment, so you can redeem your investment any time, without us. But please use ist only in a emergency cases.

The investment is secured with a Bank guarantee>>the Bank guarantee is secured from the Bank>>the Bank is secured with a State guarantee for investments in any volume of the investment.

The Investor get after the termination his investment back.

1.)       Contract: the Bausparer contract is guilty 14 days after his payment of the License. You have a 14 days cooling of period after the payment of the investment.

2.)       The Bausparer contract must be hold 1 year. Depending on the Product.

3.)       After this year you can terminate the contract 4 weeks to the end of a month. Depending on the contract.

4.)  With the termination of the contract is it with the Bausparer 10%; 10% for a year divided trough the 12 Month till  the last day of the termination.

The Bausparer Plus + will be calculated with 11% per year; 11% for a year divided trough the 12 Month till  the last day of the termination.

5.)       Is the Investment not cleared from our bank, the money will be send back and the contract don’t come into existence.

6.)       If we don’t can contact you, the customer is responsible to contact us for any reason.

7.)       The Bausparer investments are going to be transferred in intervals (at least ones in 6 Month) into Swiss Bank-accounts (payed in), for security reasons, we get for the Investments a deposit insurance at any high of the investment. So no Investment get lost. After the 6 month you get the Bankguarantee(6-7 month), so you have the investment in your own hands. If you send the Bankguarantee to the Bank back, you will get your money straight away back.

8.) Monthly payment or after 6 month.  *sometimes the transfercost from the recieving bank are to high, in this matter we send the whole annual interest payment in the 7 month in full for a year; up to 100,000US$ of Investments, the cost from the recieving bank could be to high(this is to save the customer money on costs.

9.) Investment with 10%/11% each year gain, with a secured investment. 

You get the advantage to benefit from the intellectual property, with the license for the investing amount in return with secure 10%/11% each year for the investment with a Bankguarantee for the investment.

10.) Bausparer Plus + is designed for a longer holding Bausparer-product. Here the speciality is the deposit insurance and the failure protection as Bankguarantee for the investment and the interestrate (interestoutpayment). It will be each year replaced to get the newest Bankguarantee with actual numbers.

United States Article:

Article I, Section 8, Clause 8, of the United States Constitution grants Congress the enumerated power "To promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries." 

The Customer have only the responsibility to invest(bring the money) and offer the time to fulfill the contract.

The customer must take the costs of his Bankaccount and the costs for the transfer to Bausparer account and the cost of the receiving the Money & outpayment into his account from his Bank.

With the Bankguarantee is it possible to get a loan, so you can invest the Money a second time. But only i your Bank or any Bank in the USA accept such Bankguarantee.

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